Dr Anthony Ordman response to the recent NICE report on chronic pain.

Integro Medical Clinics is run by senior specialist in pain medicine. In the experience of the Honorary Medical Director at Integro (Dr Anthony Ordman), he agrees with NICE in their current findings.
“Conventional medicines used for pain management have nothing to offer people with conditions such as Fibromyalgia.

They don’t help and they cause adverse effects such as sleepiness, poor memory and slowed reflexes. Although NICE have it correct in what they are saying, currently they are only considering what the NHS has to offer, however, at Integro Medical Clinics, we have access to the latest cannabis based medicines which work on a particular complex system within the spinal cord (the cannabinoid system) and we think that this system is often working incorrectly with people who suffer from chronic pain conditions like Fibromyalgia.

Through modulating the system and rebalancing its activity with cannabis based medicines, we believe we can help much more than conventional medicines can. There are scientific papers which support evidence of this such as within the journal of clinical medicine. Despite what NICE have said, there are ways forward which is not available on the NHS or through conventional clinics, (even within the private sector) but they are available with us”.

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